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Dev Blog #13 – Explaining Stats

Cleb - January 26, 2017


The last few weeks we have been talking a lot about how the genetic engineering process will work, but how does this process improve your units. Your genes will ultimately increase the stats of your units. These stats each have their own benefits to your unit. They will also be used in the calculations of your units abilities.

Standard Stats:

The stats we have created for CURE are broad representations of how a unit functions.



Health represents the amount of punishment a Unit can take. Increasing your health will increase its hit points.



Describes the potency of the chemicals created by the Unit. Potency will increase the speed in which units digest units.



Describes the Speed and efficiency at which a units bodily functions work. Metabolism will increase the speed that units fission and morph.



Describes a units total amount of Chemicals it can handle. Capacity will increase the speed in which a unit can gather chemicals.



Represents the level of perception a Unit has. Increasing Awareness will increase a unit’s “Sight” radius.



Maneuverability represents how agile a Unit is. Higher Maneuverability will increase how quickly a unit can turn.



Speed will increase how fast your unit moves.



Mass represents the physical size of the unit. Mass will affect how much force a unit can use to push other units out of the way, or break away from an enemy trap. Mass also increases the actual size of the unit in game.



Presence represents how “visible” a unit is to its environment. Units with high presence will attract more attention from environmental predators, or an immune system.


Mutation Chance

Mutation chance will increase the chances your unit has of mutating when it reproduces.



Efficiency represents how easy it is to replicate your unit. Efficiency will help reduce the fission and morphing costs of your unit.


Corrosive Damage Resistance

Corrosive Damage Resistance will help your unit negate damage from Corrosive damage sources. For example enemy bacterial chemicals will deal Corrosive damage.


Foreign Object Damage Resistance

Foreign Object Damage Resistance will help your unit negate damage from foreign objects being injected into it. For example the soldiers injectisome ability will deal Foreign Object Damage.


Dissolve Damage Resistance

Dissolve Damage Resistance will help your unit negate damage from dissolving sources. For example Alcohol will deal Dissolve damage.


Metabolic Damage Resistance

Metabolic Damage Resistance will help your unit negate metabolic damage. For example Arsenic will deal Metabolic damage.


Radiation Damage Resistance

Radiation Damage Resistance will help your unit negate damage from Radiation sources. For example radioactive elements in the environment will deal radiation damage.


Temperature Damage Resistance

Temperature Damage Resistance will help your unit negate damage from temperature damage. For example extremely hot or cold areas of an environment will deal temperature damage.


Non Standard Stats

Non Standard Stats will usually be hidden, and only be affected by very rare genes.


Nutrient Value

This is a hidden stat that depicts how nutrient rich this unit is. This stat will be used when being digested.


Size is another hidden stat that is actually used by the game to increase the size of your unit.


Ideal Temperature

Ideal Temperature describes the temperature that your unit works best in. While a unit is experiencing its ideal temperature it will gain some bonuses. If a unit is experiencing a temperature significantly above or below its Ideal Temperature it will begin to take temperature damage.


Main Body Color

Main body color is the color the game will use for your body.


Membrane Color

Membrane color is the color the game will use for the edge around your units.


Secondary Body Color

Secondary Body Color is the color the game will use for accents to your main body color


Detail Color

Detail Color is the color used for small details on your unit.




Abilities will also use your stats to determine various aspects of how they function. Your stats may increase the amount of damage an ability costs, or how many resources it takes to use it. Stats rarely work together forcing players to choose how they want to use a specific ability and allow them to customize it to their strategy.


For example in the colonizing enzyme ability, Potency will increase the amount of damage of your colonizing enzyme, however it will also increase the cost to produce it. Capacity will increase the amount of enzyme the unit can produce at once, but will also reduce the amount of damage it deals and increases the cost to produce it. Metabolism will decrease the cost to create the enzyme, but will reduce, damage as well.


So a player could try to spec their unit in at least 3 obvious ways max damage, max area of effect, or cheapest. These could have long lasting effects on their strategies. For example having high capacity would allow a colonizer to spread its enzymes very quickly allowing a player to use the ability for a quick defense, or attack ability. However having high metabolism could allow the unit to cheaply create a lot of colonizing enzyme potentially allowing a player to blanket a much larger area of the environment with the enzyme for much cheaper than if they had high capacity, albeit much slower.


Every ability will have many different ways to use them, and players can even mutate further changes allowing for players to have vastly different uses for the same ability inside their build. Our goal is to give players lots of tools to customize their units to their liking, while also making those decisions meaningful and rewarding.

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