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Dev Blog #7 – Unit Dossiers

Cleb - December 15, 2016



Colonizers are the base unit for bacteria. They have mediocre starting stats, and are not particularly fast or large. Colonizers are most classified as a support unit, however their main ability colonizing enzyme can turn the tide of a battle.


Colonizing Enzyme

When a colonizer cast their colonizing enzyme they will spend nutrients and release some enzyme into the atmosphere. The more colonizers you have the quicker your colonizing enzyme will spread. Enemy units will take damage as they absorb the colonizing enzyme. So units can remove your enzyme effect from the environment if they absorb enough of it.


Stats that affect colonizing enzyme are:

Potency: Increases damage, decreases amount of enzyme released, and cost

Metabolism: Decreases cost and damage

Capacity: Increases the amount of enzyme released

Example adaptations:

Enzyme digestion: Units and objects inside the colonizing enzyme will automatically digest releasing their nutrients.

Temperature Influence: Colonizing Enzyme will slowly change the temperature around it to match the ideal temperature of the Colonizer unit.

Increased Metabolism: Allied units inside the Colonizing Enzyme will be able to absorb chemicals faster and have an increase to their metabolism stat.

Healing: Allied units can absorb the Colonizing Enzyme and regain hp.

Colonizers are mostly used to create semi permanent buffer zones to keep enemies from getting close to your units or resources. However aspiring players could try and colonize the entire map, or create a mobile wall generator to keep enemies contained. The colonizing enzyme they produce also synergizes with several other units abilities.


Soldiers are another fairly basic bateria unit. They small and weak, however they start with decent speed and are fairly cheap compared to other units. The soldier is the first true battle unit that has been released so far. They use Injectisomes to directly damage units they “spike”. They also come with a charge ability that lets them quickly close the game in battle, or run away from an impossible fight.



Each soldier unit has a certain amount of injectisomes it can build. When cast each spike will deduct its cost from the unit creating the maximum amount of spikes available. Each injectisome has its own collision and damage. When a spike collides with an enemy the spike is injected into the enemy and removed from the soldier allowing it to grow another.


Stats that affect Injectisomes are:

Potency: Increases damage, cost, and rebuild speed

Metabolism: Decreases the rebuild speed

Capacity: Increases the amount of spikes and cost

Example adaptations:

Injectisome Durability: Adds a chance that an injectisome will not be removed when striking an enemy.

Overwhelm: Every injectisome will add a slight debuff to all damage resistances while they are stuck in the unit.


Charge is a fun ability that allows soldiers to move quickly towards a target location. While charging the soldiers maneuverability is severely decreased making them very bad at changing direction.


Stats that affect Charge are:

Speed: Increases the max speed gained and duration of charge

Mass: Decreases the max speed gained, duration, and recharge time

Metabolism: Decreases the recharge time

Capacity: Increases the duration of the charge effect

Example adaptations:

Bull Charge: Adds additional force to any unit you collide with possibly pushing them away.

Auto Charge: The soldier will be able to cast charge on its own targeting an enemy unit.

Advanced Maneuvers: After a charge the soldier can immediately charge again, however the recharge time will be 4 times what it normally would be after the second charge.

Soldiers make excellent scouts due to their size and speed. They also make great assassins used in surgical strikes against a few powerful enemies. However players can upgrade them into a frontlines brawler or a tactical unit used in controlling the flow of battle.  


The Agitator is a new bacterial unit that will be released in the next patch. The Agitator has modest stats, and is not very useful in combat on its own. Its ability Irritate however has some very unique properties that give this unit some interesting strategies.  



When the Agitator cast Irritate a large cloud of proteins from the Agitator will be released around it. This will send a signal to the immune system making this location have more “Presence” to the immune/ predatory system possibly causing it to send a response to that location. For each Agitator that casts this ability at this location the stronger the signal will be. In addition any enemy unit caught in the blast of the proteins will be mark by them causing them to be seen by any predators in the area.


Stats that affect Irritate are:

Potency: Increases duration of the irritate effect on enemy units and cost

Metabolism: Decreases cost and recharge time.

Capacity: Increases AOE of the blast and the cost.

Example adaptations:

Protein Trail: Any enemy affected by irritate will be visible in the mini map.

Sticky Irritant: Units affected by irritate will be able to give the irritate debuff to any unit they collide with, however the irritate ability now affects allied units as well.

Agitators may not be a great combat unit, however players should not underestimate the power in being able to manipulate the immune system and local predators. Players can also us them as scouts tagging enemy units and following them back to their allies. They could also be used as a kamikaze unit charging into a group of enemy units and then summoning the immune system.

Some information in this article such as stat affects may be changed as development continues

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