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Blurring the lines: Education / Games
What makes Cure so effective as a teaching tool is its focus on fun. Even though it is filled to the brim with accurate and current scientific ideas, gamers (your children, grandchildren, and students of all ages) will find the game to be engaging, competitive, and fun!
Tangential learning
Tangential learning is the process by which people will self-educate if a topic is exposed to them in a context that they already enjoy. According to experts in natural learning, self-oriented learning training has proven to be an effective tool for assisting independent learners with the natural phases of learning. Our game exposes students to advanced concepts in a way that they already find fun; Which results in them WANTING to learn about microbiology and science.
You were already learning
Any time we play a video game we are learning! (it doesn't always feel that way, but it's true!) Generally we are learning the rules and the systems of the game. An example would be the different types of mushrooms in Super Mario Bros: Running into a green mushrooms will give you an extra life, a red mushrooms make you larger, and a brown one will hurt you. These lessons are necessary to learn in order to play the game, however they do not really help us in the real world. In Cure however many of the game mechanics someone will have to learn in order to play the game are based on the real world. This means as you play you are learning science, even though you feel like you are just playing a video game.
Complex yet attainable concepts
Playing CURE will expose you to many high level scientific concepts that are present in the game. These high level concepts are boiled down to their essence and they are presented to the player in a way that they can understand them. For example: we could give the player an item called "restriction enzymes" that can be used to cause their bacteria unit to have higher defenses against viruses. Such a little concept will give players a basic understanding of what restriction enzymes do in real life, without reading it from a text book or listening to hours of lectures. When questioned later about restriction enzymes, a CURE player could easily chime in that they know exactly what they do --- they help protect bacteria from viruses, and they would be right!
Connecting the dots
The concepts which can be learned in CURE are generally small and easy to understand. They are reinforced and reused to cohesively paint a large and accurate picture about biology and genetic engineering. For the above instance with "restriction enzymes" it is not enough to know that it is used by bacteria to have higher defences against viruses, it is important to know WHY it works, and also important WHY it is so important in microbiology and genetic engineering.
Video Games make you smarter
Video Games have been clinically proven to have a vast amount of benefits to ones cognitive abilities. Playing video games for even 30 minutes a day has been proven to increase Memory, Motor skills, and Strategic thinking. It is like the old adage goes: "if you don't use it, you lose it", so it makes sense that if you are always thinking about clever ways to 'win' a video game, you are always 'thinking' (which is great!). Even the US Navy agrees that "video game players perform 10-20% higher in perception and cognitive ability than non-video game players". With CURE, you can make every gaming second count, and learn about microbiology while you improve your cognitive capabilities, so you can get smarter while you are getting smarter! In video games, every second counts. Studies found that video game players have as much as 25% increased reaction times when it comes to making quick decisions... which comes in handy with video games in which the wrong choice and lead to a virtual death!
Scientist and Teacher approved
We have shown our game to a few respected educators and scientists to see if they think our game would help teach students about microbiology, they all agree that CURE is not only a fascinating game, but has great potential as a teaching tool. Our hopes are to have our game reviewed in depth by scientists and teachers alike in order to ensure only accurate and proven educational material makes it into CURE.
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